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Written by: Condo Chicks
Posted on: October 22, 2016

AROUND THE HOUSE: First Impressions Matter!
Specially engineered coating delivers curb appeal that sells..

They don’t use gift wrap. And there isn’t a bow. But when a Spray-Net crew packages a home to paint its exterior, anticipation over what comes next is just like opening a present. “Whenever we do a house in an area that’s brand new, people stop and ask: ‘What’s going on, why is the house all wrapped up?’” says Carmelo Marsala, founder of Boucherville, Que.- based Spray-Net. Thanks to the company’s innovative approach, which turns conventional painting on its head, onlookers get the answer in less than a day.

Incorporated in 2010, the company offers made-to measure, industrial-strength paints and coatings specially formulated for five surfaces: aluminum, vinyl, brick, stucco and aggregate, and, doors and windows. Instead of waiting for ideal weather conditions, the products are weather adjusted onsite; rather than taking days or weeks to apply multiple coats by brush or roller, an entire job is finished within 24 to 48 hours. “We tape everything off that doesn’t need to be sprayed,” says Marsala, explaining that the company’s spray application achieves the desired film thickness on the first coat. “The whole house is wrapped up like a gift and then we just spray everything.” Crew sizes vary from four to 10 depending on the size of the house and most jobs are completed in a single day. Pricing is slightly more than a conventional exterior painting service, and anywhere from 15 to 30 per cent less than replacement/renovation costs, says Marsala. Because each product is formulated according to the characteristics of its target surface, finishes are more durable than traditional latex paints, allowing Spray-Net to offer a 15-year warranty — and that makes for a lasting impression, say realtors.

In 2013, Spray-Net launched its franchising concept and is now operating in 36 territories across Canada, including Toronto. Erica Smith and Lorena Magallanes, co-owners of Condo Chicks Inc. and Stomp Realty Inc. Brokerage, say the service is a quick way to make homes “show-ready from the outside.” “Honestly, if we have clients and we pull up to a home, if they don’t like the way it looks they just turn around. They don’t even want to look inside,” says Smith, who believes good curb appeal helps to sell homes. Magallanes compares a Spray-Net application to a facelift. She recalls showing a semi-detached home in the Greater Toronto Area where “the façade was clearly done with spraying.” The owners chose a modern black/grey combination and her clients were impressed with the result. “It really stood out from all of the other houses on the street. Our buyer loved it,” says Magallanes.

Millennials in particular are looking for cosmetically appealing exteriors with a contemporary vibe, adds Smith, noting that many are drawn to grey and black over beiges and browns. “I think for the price we’re seeing on this product, the return on investment is getting people in the door and generating a higher sale price,” she says.

*Article courtesy of the Toronto Sun.

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