From Us To You – An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton Supporters Who Are Planning On Moving To Canada

Written by: Condo Chicks
Posted on: November 11, 2016

At a time when your country appears to be in the balance, whatever the recent election results might mean to you, it is clear now more than ever that we as Canadian women need to be there to support our cross-border friends.

With years of experience unlocking Toronto’s real estate landscape, we the Condo Chicks (Erica Smith and Lorena Magallanes) have created a team of creative, innovative and motivated professional realtors that are passionate about real estate and are here for you!

As professional businesswomen, we supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy to become the first female President. She fought hard for fairness and equality, which is why we are rolling out the welcome mat to those Americans who want to keep the dream alive – even if it’s only for the next four years. Think of Toronto as a northern asylum for you, to be who you are, complete with the love and support of the polite and respectful Canuck nation around you. Plus, you may have an opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrities such as Barbra Streisand, Stephen King, Bryan Cranston, Snoop Dog, Chelsea Handler, Keegan-Michael Key, Lena Dunham and Neve Campbell – who all vowed to move to Canada if Donald Trump won.

There are also several significant advantages to moving to Toronto:

 We are polite
 Your dollar is worth 30% more
 Your standard of living will be high – especially with universal health care
 Crime, especially violent crime, is lower than most major U.S. cities
 Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world – one of every 2 residents was born outside Canada
 World-class culture, shopping, restaurants and nightlife awaits
 Toronto’s real estate is booming – with 240 distinct neighbourhoods!

The Condo Chicks has created a special VIP Express Moving Package for all Americans planning to move to the Greater Toronto Area.

We are here to help those distressed by the recent election results and show that the American dream can continue to live on in Canada. Although our immigration website may have crashed Tuesday evening from the thousands of people wanting to know more about moving here, rest assured we’ll be here to help #goodluckamerica.


Erica Smith & Lorena Magallanes


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