Texas Students Design A Next Step In Homes

Written by: Condo Chicks
Posted on: November 24, 2016

A team of architecture students at the University of Texas have created a house design that is sure to blow others out of the water. Meet NexusHaus, a project said to be both contemporary and completely off-the-grid in its creation. A home that was designed to run solely on rainwater and solar energy with nothing but nature in mind. Featuring large floor to ceiling windows,  stunning restored wood flooring and all reusable building material, this place is as environmentally friendly as it is modern and stylish. The concept of this design was created for the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition, and took the team over two years to complete its drawings, design and build.

Partnered with Germany’s Technische Universität München, the project won fourth place and stood out predominantly during the completion. Having challenged students to focus on renewable energy, the team of 60 combined students from both universities brought this incredibly 850 square foot modular home to life.

NexusHaus uses zero city energy or water and instead relies completely on nature, this has been catching the attention from many builders, especially for those draught-prone areas across the globe.

Not only is this home run by nature, but its modern and sleek look really makes this the house of the future.  Aside from water and energy independence, the group took food production into account as well. According to their projects site, the home uses recycled greywater for garden irrigation. It also has an aquaponics system for raising fish and more plant growth.

To make the house a reality, they Crowdfunded over $21,000 in support of the home project. NexusHaus is set to find a permanent home in East Austin when it returns from competition in California.

This team has really pulled together to make this design efficient and absolutely future-changing. You can even find the team working on this project on social media outlets like Instagram, where they have posted photos of them all working as a team. A quote posted by the group, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” tagging #NexusHaus2015 really brings the excitement to the news of this new home design. Follow the progress of NexusHaus on Instagram; @NexuzHaus2015 and watch this team change the future of home design.

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