Lofts vs. Condo Apartments: Making a Better Choice in Toronto

Written by: Erica Mary Smith
Posted on: November 2, 2015

While most people looking for homes in Toronto know the difference between a condo and a house, many do not understand the differences between Toronto lofts and condo apartments. The two appear similar at first glance, but they offer very different experiences and benefits to homeowners. While there are both many condo apartments and lofts for sale in Toronto, knowing which one suits your needs will help you find the perfect home.

Difference between a Condo Apartment and a Loft

condo in toronto Condo apartments and lofts are both residential units that are available for sale and rent. Condo apartments are typically units within a larger condominium building. Condo buildings will typically be more upscale variants of apartment buildings. When a buyer purchases a unit, they own that space, while the hallways, elevators, and amenities are shared by all owners. Condo apartment units range from smaller bachelors to luxurious penthouse suites.

While lofts can be purchased like condo apartments, they are typically either above storefronts or within former industrial buildings that have been converted into living space. Compared to condo apartments, lofts typically feature open space and floor plans, exposed beams, large windows, and a lack of formal rooms. Condo apartments, on the other hand, will typically be laid out more like a traditional home or apartment.

There are many Toronto lofts for sale, just as there are many Toronto condo apartments for sale. Choosing between the two comes down to whichever works better with your needs.

Benefits of a Loft

With their wide, open design, lofts are great for people looking for freedom in their home design. Since a loft is essentially a very large, open indoor space, they offer a lot of opportunity for customizing the design, layout, and features of your living space. Partitions and furniture can be used to transform your interior, and the extravagantly high ceilings allow ample room for art and other decorations. The flexible arrangement of lofts is one of their key features.

As well, lofts have been popular with artists, entertainers, and creative professionals, as they allow space for artistic endeavours and studios. Green screens, easels, band sessions, and other artistic pursuits can all be performed comfortably in a loft.

Benefits of a Condo Apartment

Condo apartments are very different than lofts, and for many people, this difference suits their needs much better. They have a more traditional layout, with separated rooms, more built-in amenities and appliances, and a more formally designed space. Heating and air conditioning can more easily be controlled, as can lighting. Condo apartments are also quieter than lofts, where sounds echo. For families, couples, or working professionals, the traditional nature of the condo apartment may be more desirable.

Another great benefit to condo apartments is their luxury. While lofts are mostly converted industrial or business space, many new, cutting-edge condominium buildings are available in Toronto, offering homeowners the option to choose luxurious housing in almost every neighborhood of the city. As well, condo apartments will typically have beautiful, modern indoor designs, access to shared amenities like pools and indoor gyms, and other often overlooked features like balcony access and concierge service.

Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing between lofts or condo apartments, each one can be a great option depending on your needs. Spend the time to do your research, check out some available properties, and speak with your real estate professional to determine which option will best fit your needs.

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