Residents here speak an amazing 35 languages, explaining the cultural diversity in a single breath. Several of the city’s most iconic landmarks are found here. If you adore theatre, you’ll be literally spoilt for choice!


As a walker’s paradise, this neighborhood’s walking convenience allows residents to easily and quickly run errand without driving. For six days a week, residents frequently stroll through St. Lawrence Market with coffee mug in hands, sampling the countless fresh farm produce available.

In recent times, this market has also been playing host to a popular event space and cooking school, Market Kitchen.

St Lawrence Market Condos

As a richly urban-inclined neighborhood, St. Lawrence features loft buildings, commercial establishments, and condominiums. Lying at cross-sections with Downtown Toronto, this neighborhood is home to families, artists, city-slicker, as well as retirees and professionals. Funny enough, the entire neighborhood was under water before city engineers reclaimed the land.

Culture Growth

Originally, this neighborhood was designed to serve as a walk-friendly esplanade by the Canadian railways companies. The electric-urban atmosphere envisioned back in the 1800s continues to bustle through the neighborhood. The chic, European-style sense can be felt throughout.

Excellent Facilities

For all your business needs, St. Lawrence houses several business towers in close proximity. All along the streets, residents and visitors free to shop in specialty stores, furniture design, as well as clothes shops. As a proudly upscale neighborhood, there are many other enterprises to look into.

If you are looking for new and exciting beginnings, the proximity to transit, unique architecture, and pedestrian-friendly walkways will make a huge impression.

200+ Specialty Food Stalls

In this neat market, you will come across numerous fishmongers, cheese vendors, pasta makers, bakers, and butchers to name a few. Savor the truly authentic Montreal-style bagels at the St Urbain. Down the street, Carousel Bakery offers you its world-famous peameal bacon.

To make the neighborhood even more intriguing, the North Market I filled with farm produce on Saturday and the best antique-ware sales on Sunday. By purchasing one of the St Lawrence Market condos, your variety of food and art will be virtually boundless!

Family Friendly

As a diverse neighborhood, St. Lawrence is home to many cultures and mixed incomes. The whole community is brought together by St. Lawrence Community Centre, a family-centric establishment socially owned by residents. In the center, St. Lawrence Community Day Care provides the safest, most comfortable facility for children. Market Lane Public School is a reputable educational institution.

In terms of urban planning, this neighborhood has been acclaimed as a huge success. Across North America, the model used here has been replicated to come up with some of the world’s most alluring neighborhoods. You can thus expect the condos to be of unmatched quality.

As a new member, the neighborhood association is helpful in settling you in and acquainting you with all the neighborhood has to offer. As a globally prominent real property location, St. Lawrence Market was ranked by the National Geographic as the absolute best food market the world over.

With much more to offer you as a resident, there are plenty of recreation and green spaces to go round. This classy neighborhood is seeing an increase in new condos.

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