Moving Back to Where It All Began: Meet Erica Smith & Marc Puddy

Written by: Condo Chicks
Posted on: July 31, 2017

Erica Smith and Marc Puddy are one of those couples with whom you want to be connected. Accomplished but approachable, they have managed to find the balance between the professional and the personal and still find a way to have fun with it all. Not an easy thing to do considering the couple has two children, Brian, 4, and Ella, 3, two dogs (Tucker and Trooper) and both Erica and Marc are business owners. However, Erica says that maintaining the right perspective and setting healthy boundaries has allowed them to enjoy a fullness of life amid
the busyness of it all.

​“First, I don’t look at my responsibilities as a ‘load.’ I look at them as a challenge, and I love a challenge,” Erica explains. “Second, our family is our priority. We carve out vacation time every year and make an effort to have breakfast and dinner together every day.”

She says another ground rule they live by has to do with the use of technology in their home. “Marc and I are off our devices at home when we are together as a family. Of course, there are exceptions at times; however, to ensure quality time with no distractions, you need to shut it down. Also, we work together as a team to always ensure one of us is with the children if the other has work obligations. We are very hands-on parents which we feel is the foundation to a solid family.”

Natives to South Mississauga, Marc went to Lorne Park Secondary then earned his degree in political science from the University of Western. He now owns and runs his own insurance brokerage. Erica also grew up in the area. She has her B.A in English literature which she achieved at both York University and Deree, an American College in Greece. She now owns and runs her own real estate brokerage, Stomp Realty. Both eventually ended up living and meeting in downtown Toronto. “After we made the connection about where we grew up, Marc asked me if, by chance, I worked at the Tim Hortons on the South Service Road while I was growing up–and I did! I couldn’t believe that he remembered me considering it was well over 20 years ago,” she says, then adds with a smile, “He still likes his coffee black.”

Erica says that once they had children, they knew they wanted to move back to where it all began. “We wanted to re-create the childhood we both had here and let our children experience the ‘magic’ that we both did,” says Erica. They now live near Mississauga Road and Indian School Road. “We love that there are so many parks, great schools and community activities that our whole family can participate in. Living in a family-friendly area was a must for us.”

Being in real estate, Erica knows how hard it is to find communities in the GTA that still offer the neighborly feel. “We wanted to be in an area where we could have a babysitter that lives up the street, where her brother mows lawns for neighbors and where the local children door-knock to help with funding at their school. You can’t find that a lot anymore, but it seems like the Mississauga Road community has not lost it’s charm in 30 years!”

Both entrepreneurs at heart, Erica says they love owning their own businesses. “I keep a pad by my bed and jot ideas that come to me in the middle of the night.” She says that this was how she came up with the idea for her first company, Condo Chicks Inc, and then later its sister company, Stomp Realty. Though it took time and determination, she has built her business well and enjoys helping people find their fit, whether it be houses or condos.

She says her business strategy and selling technique is a unique combination of the traditional and modern and has earned her a wonderful list of growing clientele. They are also an active family outside of work. With both kids beginning to develop interests of their own, Marc and Erica are going to the next level of time management.

“Both Brian and Ella belong to the Canskate program at Port Credit Arena which we go as a family every Sunday. Ella also takes ballet lessons at Positions and Brian is an active little soccer player at Little Kickers at the First United Church.”

So where do they get the energy to do it all? Erica says one of their secrets is getting in a good workout. “One Health is my absolute favourite place to be besides with my family or at work. I work out seven days a week in the early morning before my workday begins and my family is awake (she’s often up at 4:30am). It’s my time to reflect and prepare for the day. I’m addicted to the High Performance classes run by Brian. They incorporate running, which I love, as well as weights. It makes me feel amazing and ready to start my day.”

Marc says he likes to stay active by playing squash and golf at the Toronto Golf Club as it is also a place he can take his family.

The other thing they do to make sure their pace of life is sustainable is make time for rest and leisure. “Every year, we take the children to
Algonquin Park to camp for a few days (Marc has a passion for the outdoors). We are also very fortunate to have a family home in Los Cabos and a family cottage on The Lake of Bays. We spend a large amount of our summer at the cottage, and we head to Cabo a few times a year.” Erica says that Los Cabos
is a very special place for them as it is where they got engaged and married. “We have family pictures taken down there every year with
our Canadian photographer that lives down there. It’s a fun tradition for us as a family.”

When asked what they are looking forward to most about the next season in life, Erica and Marc say there is actually one thing more than anything else:

“We are expecting our third child in the late fall,” says Erica happily. How is she able to manage both a successful business and still enjoy all of the blessings of motherhood? Erica says so much of it comes down to having the right husband. “Marc supports the children and I no matter what. He is there for us without being asked. He truly is an amazing husband and father. So, we are very excited to welcome another little one to our family.”

Marc and Erica would like to thank the Mississauga Road community for welcoming their family back into the community and making them feel like they never left. If you see them out and about with Brian and Ella, or walking their Italian greyhound/ miniature pincer Trooper and their rescue dog Trooper, feel free to congratulate them on their new little one who will arrive later this fall.


Article Written By Cassandra Irving, Best Version Media

Photos by Anne-Marie May

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