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Written by: Condo Chicks
Posted on: July 29, 2016

Recognized for doing what you love

As the saying goes, when you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life. You wake up day after day excited and motivated to get to work and get things done. For the Condo Chicks, this is exactly the case. Every day is an opportunity to make their clients happy and help them achieve their dreams – all while following their own.

The Condo Chicks were recently featured in Real Estate Professional Magazine’s (REP) newest list of “100 women whose achievements are advancing the real estate industry”. Lorena and Erica’s designation – for their hard work, dedication and knowledge of the condominium market that has enabled them to make a splash in a seemingly oversaturated Toronto real estate industry – is the cherry on top of a very sweet cake. REP went in search of real, passionate women who are doing something positive for the real estate industry. The featured 100 women span all ages, ethnicities and areas in Canada, showing readers that it does not matter how old you are, where you come from or where you live – when you are helping people and doing something for the right reasons, others take notice. Being described as “the best this industry has to offer”, they stand alongside 98 women from all across Canada who are transforming the field in their own unique way.


Lorena and Erica stand out as Realtors

For the Condo Chicks, this accomplishment is based on how they continue to face the condominium market. They successfully confront its ebbs and flows with grace and determination, making the job seem effortless even though we all know it is anything but. Being featured on this list simply reiterates that while the real estate industry is full of competing agents and brokers, it is a community built on support and progress. Lorena and Erica stand out as agents not only focused on their own careers and clients, but also as conscious of the direction the industry must go. This list is a testament to the industry’s insistence on recognizing positive forces among its members and rewarding them for the work they have done.

These innovators, thought leaders and advocates are not only transforming a formerly male-dominated industry, but also driving it and strengthening it.REP Magazine

More to come

While it’s an honour to be featured on a list with so many other inspiring and passionate women, it’s not any indication that their job is done. In fact, as the industry grows, so does the work for all of these women. This distinction – as two of the top 100 women who are strengthening and improving the industry – is simply a sign that they are doing something right. It’s a sign that they should not only keep going but to push ahead more intensely than ever before. For the Condo Chicks, this is understood. For them, it marks the beginning of things to come that are far greater and more lasting than anything they have done before.

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