5 Tips for Selling Your Toronto Home Fast

Written by: Erica Mary Smith
Posted on: May 24, 2016

With the real estate market booming, you may think that selling Toronto homes is easier than ever before. It is definitely true that the Toronto real estate market is hotter than ever, and that houses are being scooped up off the market for record prices. However, even in this real estate market, Toronto homes for sale can end up sitting on the market. If homeowners don’t take the right steps to make their Toronto homes more attractive to buyers, their houses can end up selling for lower prices and fail to attract interests.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take for selling your home faster. Here are our top five tips to sell your home as soon as it’s on the market.

Differentiate from Neighbours

First impressions can be everything. When people view your house, you want them to be wowed. If a buyer has a bad impression the first time they see your house, then you probably won’t make a sale. Take steps to separate your home from other houses in the neighbourhood. Increase your home’s curb appeal by doing a new exterior paint job, putting in a new garden, or trimming the hedges. You want to set your buyer’s expectations, impressing them from the minute they see your home.

Get Your Home in Move-In Condition

If you want to sell your home, it needs to be ready to be moved into. Homebuyers want to pick a house that is ready to move into. As well, if there are imperfections in your home, buyers may feel that you haven’t maintained the home properly. Make sure that everything from leaky faucets to peeled wallpaper has been fixed before anyone takes a look at your house. Perform all the proper repairs, so that buyers can focus on your house rather than minor imperfections.


Clean the Clutter

Your house should also be free of any clutter and mess. You want people to get a good look at your house, not strewn clothes, your kid’s toys, or other belongings. A messy interior can give people a bad impression of your home. Perform a deep clean, making sure to tidy up the entire house, as well as clean every last spot that you can. Make sure there’s no dust, stains, chipped paint, or grime. If your house is cluttered, consider removing some belongings and putting them in storage for the time being.

Sweeten the Deal

When someone buys your home, they are not only buying your house, they are also buying your neighbourhood, neighbours, location, and secondary aspects of your home (backyards, garages, gardens, etc.). Make sure that you focus on these other attractive aspects of your home. Inform buyers of desirable places close-by, such as restaurants, schools, and parks. If you don’t have kids, you may not pay attention to nearby schools, but that may be one of the most important considerations for someone with young children.

Pricing it Right for Toronto Home Buyers

There are many houses for sale in Toronto, probably even in your neighbourhood. It’s important that you price your house competitively to compete with other homeowners in the area. Consider having your home appraised or using the services of a real estate professional. They can help find the value of your house. You want to hit a sweet spot in pricing, which is to sell your house for more than its appraised value but less than other houses in the neighbourhood. This will ensure you make a good sale as quickly as possible.

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